Zen and the Art of Letting Go

Have you ever had a pivotal moment in your life?  I mean a situation that made you really sit down and assess what the heck you are doing with your life?    I have had a few of those over the years believe me!   Last January something happened – that I am not quite ready to talk about yet as I am not finished processing it, and it involves someone.. Read More

How Do You Really Connect With Your Content?

I was speaking at a conference last week and a couple of the delegates commented on how well I connected with the audience – how it seemed I was speaking only to them.  They asked me how I did it and I shared a few of the tips I give people when I coach them on public speaking.   They then asked me how they could replicate that online in.. Read More

You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

Hi Well, I could not let the week pass without comment on a world changing event like the election of Mr Trump – and the possible connection to you and YOUR magnetic business. So – I think from an outside point of view, we can agree that out of the 2 candidates on offer for US President, Donald was suitably unqualified.  He also has big question marks hanging over him.. Read More

Why Everyone Needs a Mentor

Hi I was coaching last week / weekend at the Public Speakers University, where I met some very smart, very switched on and very creative people.   I love coaching people on public speaking, because it is life changing, in so many ways. What we teach people at the PSU, is not just about how to stand up on stage and look good.  Of course, this is part of it.  If.. Read More

What’s All This About A Glass Cliff?

We have all heard about the glass ceiling but have you been reading about the Glass Cliff this week in the news? If you haven’t – let me explain. The Glass Cliff is where men subconsciously pull back from risky jobs, and women are appointed to these roles, often being sought out for the role.  These are the problem jobs – CEO of a company on the brink of disaster,.. Read More

Do You Take Yourself For Granted?

Hi I am writing this on the Manchester to Euston Train as I am on my way to Gatwick where I am coaching on a conference for 4 days.  You may or may now know that one of the things I love to do is coach people to be ace public speakers.  It is a great feeling to see someone who is petrified or just clueless about public speaking, able.. Read More

Don’t Start With Your Goals for 2017

Hi If there is one time of year I can really switch off it is Christmas.  I mean mentally switch off.  Clearly there is little physical switching off when you have children and house guests and their dogs.  In fact, I was thinking to myself at 5pm one day when I had not stopped cooking, cleaning, tidying, sorting etc. ‘How the hell do I run a business normally and fit.. Read More

The Importance of Clarity in Achieving Success

Hi Following on from last weeks theme of how to goal set by NOT starting with the goal, I am focusing on Clarity.  If you didn’t read last weeks blog and are therefore confused about what that sentence means – check it out here. There’s No Goal Setting without Clarity Just as you can’t start proper goal setting with the goal, because you can’t be sure what the goal should.. Read More