Have you ever wondered what I mean by Magnetic Business – what that even is?

Well for me, a magnetic business is one which brings you whatever you want.

Now, I see a lot of ‘guru’s’ out there with their fancy cars (probably leased) and their big houses (maybe rented maybe mortgaged up to the hilt), telling you how you can have everything in 2.5 seconds if you just follow their programme.

If you know anything about me – you will know my catch phrase – which is ‘everything before “but” is bullshit’. Read their stories and see if there is a “but” in there and then apply “Carole’s rule”, lol.

Even if it is all true and they have the fancy cars, and the amazing houses and the living in luxury lifestyle – here’s the thing. That might not be important to you. It isn’t really important to me either. Which is probably why I don’t have 5 Aston Martins and a house in Monte Carlo.

What I have found whilst running my Leading Women in Business Mastermind and networking group, and our Get Shit Done Retreats in Majorca, Dubai and Gran Canaria (coming soon), is that this stuff is just not that important to most women.

Sure, you want enough money to not have to worry about paying the bills this month or in 3 months time, but once that is sorted, maybe what is important to you is being happy. Maybe it’s having a bit more joy in your life, or a bit more time to spend as you wish. Perhaps you want to have enough money so that university without lifelong debt, is an option for your kids.

Possibly you have aging parents and you want to be able to treat them, take them away on a cruise or to somewhere they always wanted to go, before it’s too late.

One of the biggest joys of my life was taking my Mum away to Hampton Court for her 70th birthday. My Dad and her always planned to go. And then he died. She thought that dream died with him.

So, it was such a joyful experience to see her looking like a little kid, grinning from ear to ear as we walked around, and then having a full day chilling on our balcony overlooking the Thames in the sunshine, drinking wine, eating M&S food and chatting. She said something to me that meant the world.

She said “Carole, I never thought I would be happy again after your Dad died. This has been such a wonderful experience. I will never forget it”. THAT’s what it is all about for me. Experiences and enabling things to happen, building memories.

So, a magnetic business is one that allows me the time and the resources to be able to do things like that. It is also one that brings me in the clients that I actually want to work with rather than ones that I feel I HAVE to accept.

Whatever you want your business to BE and DO for you – THAT is a magnetic business. And remember – the only persons opinion that matters on this subject is YOURS.

Don’t hold yourself to someone else’s (impossible) standards. Decide what the purpose of your business really is and then design your business, and your life around that.

Having said that – once you have made the decision about what your business is really all about, and what you want it to look like – then there are 5 main areas you have to address before your business can become magnetic and attract TO you the clients, staff, partners, ideas, and resources you want and REPEL the ones you don’t.

And those 6 things are :-

Profile, Publicity, Product, People, Process and Profit.

These 6 core foundations of the Magnetic Business System, are what we teach at our Leading Women in Business Masterminds, at our Get Shit Done Retreats, and in my one-2-one coaching. Underneath each of these 6 headings everything else rests – social media, marketing, recruitment, sales, book writing, networking, public speaking, product development (and how to ‘productise’ a service offering), customer service, creation, people development, PR, systems.

For the next 6 weeks, if it is OK with you, I will be sharing one of these 6 areas in more detail. And I would invite you to come along to our next mastermind, where our master minders actually implement this stuff. You can email me on [email protected] or head over to www.getshitdoneretreat.co.uk or www.leadingwomeninbusiness.co.uk to find out more details.