Is It All In Your Head? Communication and Story Telling Tips

Have you ever have a time where you could swear blind you have told someone something but they don’t seem to remember? Maybe you have great communication skills normally but sometimes people don’t seem to listen? Perhaps one of your family or friends seems oblivious to something which they really should know about you?  Well, maybe it’s just me then! This week I was talking to a really good friend.. Read More

Is Everything On Facebook a Hoax?

Happy New Year – hope you had the best Christmas and New Year ever – whatever that is for you.  Mine was great, mostly entertaining family and spending time with the kids playing games and watching soppy Christmas films.  There was one thing though, that slightly peeved me. Now I try to be in “cause” rather than “effect” as much of the time as possible.    By that I mean, I.. Read More

The Exciting and Maddening World of Change

I don’t know if you, like me, love change.  I have always loved change.  I love the changing seasons, I love new technology, I was one of the first 10,000 people on LinkedIn and yes I do have an iPhone 7 Plus – of course. There are a lot of great sayings about change – relating to business – like – If you are not growing you are dying.  Which.. Read More

How the Alphabet can Help You Understand Your Customers… AKA The Myers Briggs

Ok – I haven’t lost the plot.  And I was speaking broadly there – I wasn’t referring to the whole alphabet.  Just the letters E,I, S, N, T, F, J and P….You may be sitting there thinking – no Carole you definitely HAVE lost the plot, or you might be thinking,   “Aha, she is taking about Myers Briggs.” Myers Briggs is a personality profiling tool that we have used over.. Read More