Are you trying to grow your business? Perhaps you feel you have reached a glass ceiling and whatever you do, you can’t seem to make the leap to the next level? If so, these mastermind secrets are for you.

Maybe your business has done pretty well and you are turning over £¼, £½ or even £1 million. Maybe your business looks really successful from the outside – you are making money, you are selling stuff, and new customers are coming in to replace the ones who drop off.

It’s all good right?

Only it isn’t. Because you KNOW the business is too reliant on you. YOU are the chief salesperson in the business and you know for sure that if you stopped doing what you do for a couple of months – or even- let’s be honest – a couple of weeks, that would make a big dent in the business. The business only works as well as it does because YOU work – a lot. Probably too much.

But here’s the thing. You aren’t work shy. You aren’t afraid of hard work. But it feels like no matter HOW hard you work, and HOW MANY extra hours you put in, you just can’t get the business to the next level.

And it’s not like you haven’t got clarity on what that looks like. You can see it now – the business is almost running itself. The time you have to put in is minimal and you only do the stuff that you love to do. The business is growing and you have the people and the systems set up to support that, it is happening on automatic pilot. And that means you get to do the things you want to do, with the people you want to do them with. Your business supports your lifestyle, where currently it may sometimes be the other way around.

Well I’m here to tell you that it IS possible to break through the barriers that are holding you back and have the business you always wanted to have. And there are 7 key ways to make the breakthrough that you are looking for by standing out from the crowd and accelerating your business.

I don’t have time in this blog to go through all 7 – but here is the first one – more will be coming over future weeks!

Run An Event
To be fair one event probably isn’t going to do it, but the point is – an event is a key way to become more visible. And the more visible you are and the more people know about you, the more they want to do business with you and will come to YOU as the expert in your field. Being ‘on stage’ (especially to the younger generation) is akin to being a celebrity.

If you are a celebrity, you MUST be good at what you do and therefore you will find that people seek you out. They want to talk to you, and be seen with you and ultimately – if they need your service – it is likely that they will pick you as their provider of choice. And the even better news is that price is not an issue – or at least it is LESS of an issue. You would naturally expect to pay more to go and see Tony Robbins speak or Arianne Grande sing – then you would for an unknown speaker or singer. Therefore, if you are perceived as a ‘celebrity’ your prices will not be quibbled over or negotiated.

Ideally you want to run a series of regular free or low-cost events at which you will give massive value and also give you the opportunity to pitch your 3 or 4 day seminar. People who will attend a one day event, are the most likely people to want to attend a 3 or 4 day seminar, so the more ‘one day eventers’ you can get in the room, the higher your conversion rate will be.

If your average customer is worth 20k a year to you and you want to go from 250k to 500k – then you need 13 new customers to achieve that goal. Hold one event with 100 people in the room and (if you have a good proposition) then you should achieve a 10 – 15% conversion rate – which solves your problem in one go. Or it may be a series of 6 events with 20 people at an event – same or greater result.

Look at any of the people in the personal development space – Tony Robbins, Andy Harrington, Raymond Aaron – and you will see that this is their model. Could it be yours?

Don’t worry if standing up on stage and speaking puts the fear of God into you. There are other ways to accelerate your business growth. If you are seriously trying to grow your business right now and you would like to borrow my brain for half an hour – book yourself into my diary for a 45 minute strategy call where we will discover what is holding you back and what you need to do to get your business growing so you can live the life you desire and deserve. Book your appointment here