The Power of Positive Thinking

Do you know, as a generally positive person I used to wonder why things didn’t always go right for me. You see, I had the complete wrong idea about the power of positive thinking. I believed that if I engaged in Positive Thinking then everything should always go well? Does that make sense? It seems to right? But I was wrong.

What I have come to understand over the years is that THINGS do not go right or wrong, they just go. The universe doesn’t put a judgement on what is right or what is wrong. Things just ARE. And WE decide if they are right or wrong by our thoughts and by our actions.

So – when the girls at the Find Your Why Foundation and I were talking in early Feb, we decided we wanted to create a joint event for International Women’s Day last week (March 8th). Now – I would strongly recommend that if you want to put on an event – especially one you have never put on before with no ‘list of people who love this event and have previously attended’ to use, then you leave yourself longer than 5 weeks.

Half of me wanted to say NO – we haven’t got time to do it justice, it will take too much organising, are you CRAZY? And part of me was very excited to see what we could do. And when Cheryl mentioned that we had Marie Diamond (yes her from the film an book The Secret), as one of our speakers, and not only did the positive thinking take over but it felt positively rude to say No!

So we went for it. And we had an amazing day. 6 great speakers and the day just got better and better and was highlighted by Marie Diamond in our last slot of the day. We had 40 women in the room (and 2 men) and the vast majority of those stayed for evening drinks and networking and many went on later to another event we had collaborated with at the Radisson round the corner. So, they must have enjoyed it!

But here’s the thing. This event wasn’t the success it was because of positive thinking (alone). I mean it never would have got off the ground without positive thinking, however, it was positive ACTION that produced the results. Because nothing much happens without you taking action. You can’t sit on your sofa at night thinking positively about winning the lottery if you haven’t bought a ticket – it will do no good.

In the same way you can’t think positively about organising an event if you haven’t booked a venue, come up with a marketing strategy and budget, designed and tested your facebook ads, joint ventured on publicity, organised catering, booked and briefed all the speakers, organised a payment gateway for ticket sales, briefed the venue, kept in contact with the attendees, organised badges, and goody bags, and a million other things. It is the actions you take that make things happen but it is completely your thought which determine your actions and your feelings.

I could have decided to feel bad that the snow prevented a couple of people making it (especially since we thought it had all gone away from the week before), or I could know that unpredictable things frequently happen. I could feel stressed that the day was running over, or I could cut short my slot (which I did) to make sure we ran on time overall.

And rather than feeling bad about having to cut my slot short, I chose to make sure the event ran to time. I really hate it when events go on long after their announced end time. People have LIVES you know!

And actually, that turned into a big opportunity – because you see SO many people said to me that they were sad my talk was short, as they really wanted to hear all of it, that I have decided to put on a workshop on the subject of the Facebook algorithm and how you can make sure your account isn’t penalised by it.

We have been telling our clients since January how to combat this, and have changed the way we work their accounts (for those clients for whom we manage their social media) and we are getting great results. But here’s the thing – there is SO much to the algorithm change that it is a massive opportunity for us and a real pain in the butt for people who are not clients.

It’s not just about not using a third party posting tool (like Hootsuite) or not having links in your posts which take people off Facebook – even if that is to look at a cute cat video on YouTube.

There are over 30 ways the Facebook algorithm has altered what you now need to do on Facebook. And how the heck is the average person supposed to know what they are?

So – by popular demand – I am holding a one day workshop on April 11th to go through what you should …and should not…be doing on Facebook now. This will be a practical, busy, content rich day and by the time you come away you will have a clear plan for your business Facebook Page which you can operate yourself or delegate to someone else. The Workshop will be priced at £397 for the day and I promise you – what you learn will be 10x that value as a minimum.

In advance of that I will be holding a free webinar (free for YOU if you are on my email list), which will be a short 30 minute presentation covering a couple of things you can implement RIGHT NOW, and giving you an overview of the content for the workshop.

So, if you think you need to know more about the new algorithm (you do) and you want to learn about it sooner rather than later (when you would be playing catch up), then book onto the webinar on Friday 23rd now. If you book on now you will get the replay – but I do suggest you watch it live if possible as there will be a special voucher code for those on the webinar which will only be redeemable on the day. Click here to register now