You may know that I speak quite a lot. No – I don’t mean I blab on erroneously – although some people may think so. I mean I do public speaking. In fact, I train public speakers to reach hearts and minds from stage (as you will know if you read last week’s blog – How To Make £600,000 in One Night).

Yesterday I was guest speaking at my favourite networking event in Manchester – The Business Network run by the amazing Helen Bennett. The subject of the seminar which ran for about 75 minutes, was “How to Kick Ass on Facebook”.

You see I have noticed big changes since the Facebook algorithm change (which, by the way, put several businesses OUT of business including ‘Little Things’ an internet publisher with over 12 million Facebook Followers, which saw its traffic reduced by 75% and its profit margins decimated). The change was supposed to help you see more of your friends and families stuff.

However, since the change I see NONE of my close families stuff and they probably don’t see mine either. And since it has affected SO many businesses negatively I thought I should share what we know about working WITH the algorithm.

Clearly things change all the time, and there have been changes this last couple of weeks as a result of GDPR changes which means some of Facebooks targeting has disappeared – at least for EU based businesses.

Anyway, the seminar went well. There were 26 people in the room and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The engagement and questions from the audience were great, and the feedback very positive. Which I would not have known – if I hadn’t created some feedback forms. And as part of the feedback form, for those who had additional questions that hadn’t been asked in the session due to time running out, there was an addition few lines to fill in if you wanted a free 30-minute strategy session.

16 out of 26 people filled that in.

Some of those people may wish to work with us longer term on our ‘done for you’ service, some may wish to learn some stuff they can implement themselves. Either way is fine by me. And the ones who just need some strategy will be asked if they are happy to give a testimonial, if they find the advice useful. And that creates a win/win.

So, my top tip for you this week, is always create a next step and make it clear to your audience what they can do next to continue a relationship with you. If I hadn’t had the feedback form, then everyone would still have enjoyed the talk, but they would have gone off for their lunch and that would have been it. Instead there is an opportunity to create a long-lasting relationship, and that’s what networking is really about.

And if YOU are one of the 16 people who asked for the free strategy session (or even if you were not but want to access this offer to Business Network members) – get yourself booked in HERE.