Earlier this week I put a post on Facebook which was tongue in cheek but seemed to resonate with many people. I had started the day with 4 important things that needed to be done. I ended the day with 29.

Now, in this particular case it was because 3 or the 4 most senior people in the business were all off at the same time (not planned. That would have been a crap plan!). However, there was a time where that was the norm.

When you start a business you know about your thing right? You know about cutting hair, or coaching business people, or fixing IT issues. But when you start a business you don’t know about running a business, and all the many jobs that go with that and the many hats you need to wear. And that’s understandable.

The problem is when you are still having more days like that than not, years into your business. As soon as you possibly can you need to delegate out and train up, other people to do the stuff you don’t need to do. But even then it can be tricky to keep yourself on track. It helps when you have someone else in the business at your level to hold you to account.

But not everyone has a business partner.

Let me give you an example.

If you had been with me on the 16th May 2003, you would have been sitting in my conservatory at my house in South Manchester (well Cheshire actually if we’re being ‘posh’), and you would have seen me completing the end of year P11D’s for the business (if you don’t know what they are – trust me – you don’t want to).

At the time I was doing the monthly bookkeeping, the quarterly VAT, the payroll and all related HR documentation (including P11d’s), the only financial thing I was NOT doing in my business was the year-end accounts.

At the time I was also 8.5 months pregnant and due to have a C Section on Monday the 19th May to give birth to my beautiful boy – who is now 15 (where did that go?). Now I am a great believer in doing what you love and that when you do what you love, it isn’t work – it’s just you doing your thing!

However, if you know me at all you will know that admin is definitely NOT my favourite thing. So why was I doing it? Well, because at first in your business you HAVE to – I didn’t start my first business back in 2001 with a big chunk of cash.

In fact, I had precisely 2 months bills money in the bank. The first pregnancy and 9 months off in 1999/2000 wiped out the savings I had and I was starting from nowhere with just a hunger and a desire and a supportive, though out of work, other half!

So, I had no option – it was me or it didn’t get done. But that was back in May 2001. So why was I STILL doing this stuff 2 days before giving birth (yes 2 days – he decided to come a day earlier than planned).

Well, part of it was being a control freak. When I do something, I do it well (whether I hate doing it or not) and so had a tendency to believe no-one else could do it like I would – which is probably right but also wrong at the same time. Sure no-one will ever do stuff exactly like you would. They might do it better!! Or they might just do it differently, but still good enough!

And here’s the thing, when you get used to doing something – it’s just what you do, isn’t it? You think of it as just part of what you do. And then you get busier and you have more stuff to do, and you still fit it in. Maybe you work a bit longer at night, maybe you start a bit earlier, maybe you move a few tasks to the weekend when you have time ‘to catch up’.

Well, having a child should have perhaps made me realise that there are things you don’t actually need to do, but apparently not – as I kept working long hours, went back to work 3 weeks after my son was born and pretty much suffered physically and mentally from that point on until I met someone who was to become a mentor and friend several years later.

From that outside perspective, I learned to look at myself and my life, and my business in a different way. I learned some stuff that I probably should have learned long before. But sometimes you need an outside perspective, someone to ask you questions and point out a different way. Someone to show you the shortcuts to get to where you want to go.

My first business went from 1 – 12 people in 5 years. My current business went from 1 – 13 people in 2 years. The reason I was able to scale up much faster this time around? 1. Lessons learned 2. Having a mentor to learn those lessons from!

Which is why I started my Leading Women in Business Mastermind Group back last September – where a bunch of amazing business women come along from all over the country, once a month – to Manchester, to work on their businesses and be with people who will ask them the questions that need to be asked, and show them the shortcuts they have already learned to save them massive amounts of time and sweat!

If you’d like to come along – our next meeting is next Weds 25th July – have a look at the link here

And I think the other reason why I was doing stuff in my business that I didn’t need to be doing – was because I never planned in any “head above the parapet” time. I was so busy – I didn’t have time to get myself less busy, if that makes sense. I didn’t even have time to THINK about what I could stop doing. Which is another reason the Mastermind Group is such an important day in the month – it is time to step OUT of your business and work ON it not in it.

Some of my ladies though, have been asking if we could have a bit MORE time to actually implement what they are learning. And so – with great delight – along with my new business partner, Tracey Jones-Bolding, I am delighted to tell you we have organised the first ever “Get Shit Done” Retreat, in Majorca, the 3-6 October this year.

At the 4 day retreat – our amazing business owners will come with an idea, and leave with a fully functional sales funnel. That might be a landing page or a webinar, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn Adverts created, and Email messaging string completed. They will definitely get shit done! And they will also have time to relax, reflect and make new connections (it is a 4* Spa Resort, so they may even get in a massage or a facial).

Everything is included – training, accommodation, food. The only other thing to pay for is transport and any spa treatments!

The price for business owners on my list is going to start at just £997. Because this is the first one and we want lots of great photo’s, video and written testimonials and feedback about how we can make the second one even more special we are holding the price at this level for current customers, Leading Women and you – as you read my blog.

If you want more details – go here to Eventbrite and if you want to book (we have 5 booked on already out of the 12 places) then make sure you use the code:-

LWIB-FB to get the full board option for £997 price + booking fee, instead of 1260 + booking fee (full board – dinner breakfast and lunch) or use code….

LWIB-ALL for £1047 + booking fee All inclusive – instead of £1400 (includes all your hot, soft and alcoholic drinks, and mid morning and afternoon snacks).

You must enter LWIB-ALL for the ALL inclusive Single Room, or LWIB-FB for the Full Board Single Room option.

If you want to share and still have the discount, or you want to leave on the Saturday night – or you want to avoid paying the booking fee then contact me [email protected] and I will direct invoice you directly. You can also pay iinstallmentsts – £400 deposit and then 2 equal payments of £350 on July 24 and Sept 24th.

Look forward to Getting Shit Done with you in October, and knocking “Must Get My Sales Funnel Built” (and have some fun whilst doing it) off your To Do list!